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The Pitch that Killed

An engrossing and fascinating story of the tragically sad end to the life of one of baseball's most popular players Ray Chappie Chapman.The book chronicles the 1920 pennant race in the American League and brings to life the personalities of greats like Tris Speaker and his Cleveland team that beat the Babe and his Yankee team despite the death of their shortstop in August.
  It is a little known story that grabs your heart because you know that no matter how much you hope for a change in the historical record, Carl Mays the man that everybody found easy to despise was still going to throw a pitch that killed the beloved Chappie.
  It is fascinating to read about the personal loss to his teammates and the emotional havoc that it created for them in human terms. Yet we get to feel that Chappie was still celebrating when the pennant is clnched in the form of rookie replacement Joe Sewell who takes it upon himself to embody the spirit of the fallen leader.
  This is a book that captures baseball in the early 20th century and makes the game and personalities of the players inriguing