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November 2013
"Jaime came out swinging. He began with the argument that had brought an objection in his opening statement. “It may be a kid..."
"Phillies manager Buck Sawyer to his team calling for retaliation “Men,” he began, “you know I’m old school, and I’m proud of ..."
A Pitch for Justice - Harold Kasselman
November 2013
October 2013
text: A PITCH FOR JUSTICE: A unique legal thriller
Phillies' rookie pitcher Tim Charles anguishes over his manager's order to retaliate against a Mets' batter for the team's ho...
text: The Pitcher by Wm. Hazelgrove
I am blown away by this novel. It gave me more chills than "The Field Of Dreams" and "The Natural" combined. I choked up more...
text: The unwritten rules of baseball by Paul Dickson
I read this back in August of 2010. It is an exhaustive compilation of all those unwritten mores that exist in baseball that ...
text: Tampa Bay Book review of A Pitch For Justice
Sarasota author delivers purpose pitch Posted Apr 15, 2012 by Bob D'Angelo Updated Apr 15, 2012 at 09:44 PM Pitching high and...
text: Williamsport Sun-Gazette review of A Pitch For Justice
On the Bookshelf Readers enjoy books about baseball, spies December 20, 2012 Williamsport Sun-Gazette Save | ...
text: Marilou George, Confessionsofareader.com Review
5.0 out of 5 stars Justice vs. Vengeance, January 23, 2013 By The Kindle Book Review (Indianapolis, IN) - See all my reviewsT...
text: The Guy who writes sports blogs by Lance Smith
May 16, 2013 Review - A Pitch for Justice by Harold Kasselman A good mix of baseball and the legal system makes this book a w...
text: Is Violence a necessary ingredient of sports?
Is violence a necessary part of sports? The Dodgers found themselves in yet another baseball scrum last night; this...
text: Art imitating Life
In an article dated October 9, 2013 and linked below,the General Manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks allegedly said some asto...